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2012 Citizen of the Year

Marcia Wonnacott
Columbia Township's 2012 Citizen 
            of the Year - Marcia Wonnacott

Marcia Wonnacott received the 2012 Columbia Citizen of the Year Award from the Columbia Chamber of Commerce and
the Columbia Historical Society and recognition from the Ohio State House by Matt Lundy.

This is the 20th year that the Patriotic “Liberty” Concert will be performed in Columbia Park.

Columbia has been extremely fortunate. For a community of our size to have a production of the moral, religious and patriotic scope of “Liberty” performed in such a highly effective and professional manner has truly been a unique contribution to the life of our community. That it has been performed annually for the last 2 decades is truly remarkable and entirely due to the patriotic zeal and community commitment of Marcia Wonnacott.

From the very beginning Marcia Wonnacott has been the heart and soul of the “Liberty” performance. She has produced and directed each year’s performance. Production has included recruiting singers, soloists, and actors for the various cameo appearances. Her personal contacts and network of people have resulted in exceptionally talented performers being featured in all of the past performances as soloists. She has identified and incorporated costumed “walk-ons” for each performance and she has identified and secured uniformed service personnel to participate in the performances. Marcia has spent countless hours rehearsing the singers, directing the actors, coordinating with the Homecoming Committee as well as organizing the myriad details associated with each year’s performance.

Key individuals stepping forward to volunteer their time and leadership can have a profound impact on a community such as Columbia. Marcia Wonnacott has provided just such leadership for it is impossible to imagine “Liberty” in Columbia Station without her. On the 2oth anniversary of “Liberty” it is very appropriate that she should be awarded 2012 Columbia Citizen of the Year.

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