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2007 Citizen of the Year

Raymond Anthony
Columbia Township's 2007 Citizen of the Year - Ray Anthony

Mr. Raymond Anthony, Fire Chief of Columbia Township Fire Department and a long time citizen of Columbia, has contributed in numerous ways to the Columbia community.

A 32 year veteran of the Columbia Township Fire department, he worked his way through its rank. When he joined in 1975 he was a team member of the fire department. He knew the value of improving his skills as a firefighter. His attendance at firefighting school, emergency medical technician – intermediate, and numerous National Incident Management Systems classes allowed him to enhance his skills. He quickly became a Lieutenant and EMS coordinator. He held those positions for approximately three years. He spent a year and a half as the Assistant Fire Chief before in 1988 becoming the Fire Chief. In 1992, when the need for a Hazardous Material Team (HAZMAT) became evident, Mr. Anthony quickly volunteered to serve as a member of the team. He has received training in HAZMAT Awareness, HAZMAT Operations, HAZMAT Technicians and Incident Commander ensuring that Columbia Township has qualified personnel to meet any situation that could arise. He is also a member of the Lorain County Bomb Squad since 1999. He is also a fire safety inspector, fireworks safety inspector, trained in weapons of mass destruction and terrorism preparedness. His interaction with many associations allows him to bring experiences from outside the community to train and develop those within the department. The Township has a fully qualified firefighter as its Fire Chief. His expertise enhances not only the Department but the community.

As Mr. Anthony’s skills grew so did his need to teach others. This has been evident both within and outside the local community. He trained personnel of the 30+ member Columbia Township Fire Department and participated in training members during joint and county wide training classes. He has been a CPR, fire, and EMS instructor as evident through his efforts at the Medina Career Center where he is a teacher. The Medina program focuses on the public safety sector where Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and Firefighter careers are explored. Students are prepared for and have the opportunity to sit for the following certifications: Fire Certification, HAZMAT Awareness and Operation, and Emergency Medical Technician Certification. The program takes students two years to complete.

Mr. Anthony has started the Explore Program in 2007 in Columbia Township. This program is designed to assist old teenagers and young adults who have an interest in Fire and/or Emergency Medical Services (EMS). It gives the students an idea as to what a career in the Fire Service involves. The recruits meet twice a month where they receive training in Hydraulics, Search and Rescue, Water Rescue, Fire Cause and Origin and EMS. It also expands on being an effective member of a team which is critical for becoming a member of a fire department.

As a member of the SFES, an organization of the Fire Chiefs from those departments affiliated with Southwest General Hospital, Mr. Anthony has provided crucial information and input for discussion on the protocols and established procedures between local fire departments and the hospital. The organization is a conduit allowing for information flow to improve existing procedures through technology developments, experience, and teaching.

Through his personal company, T & M Construction, Mr. Anthony has volunteered hundreds of hours of his personal time, skilled labor and financial support in finished concrete work for the Township’s Fire Department, Parks and Service Facilities. His contributions include the approach and the interior floors of the fire station building, the floor of the service garage, some park pavilions, and sidewalks in and around the park. These contributions not only saved the Township thousands of dollars but it increased the safety of the Township’s citizens.

During the road construction two years ago, when West River Road was closed, Mr. Anthony went to each house on West River Road near the center to make sure he knew how to get to each house in the event of an emergency.

Mr. Anthony is an avid supporter of the local high school’s sports department. He has been a high school wrestling and football official for over 31 years, ensuring safety during each event that he officiates. He is also certified as a state rules interpreter for wrestling. He belongs to the Ohio High School Athletic Association.

Mr. Anthony is married with 4 children. He is a 20 year member of the Saint Elizabeth Ann Seaton Church.

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